Norcini Builders not only specializes in custom building on our lots and communities but also on lots that a client has purchased. For the client who is looking to buy a building or tear down an existing property to build on but has not yet purchased it, Norcini Builders offers a special service.

Jim Norcini will personally evaluate the site at no cost. Included in this evaluation is:

  • Feasibility of the property for new construction
  • Potential rock or water problems
  • Grading issues
  • Other issues that would negatively affect the construction of a new house.

With your lot in hand, Norcini Builders will provide all services necessary to facilitate the building of your new home. Discussion of house plans, architectural features and budget considerations are all part of the process. Norcini Builders, will help you select an architect, civil engineering, interior designer, provide financing options, critique home plans, selection of finishes, budget analysis and a legitimate time frame to build your house.

Call Jim Norcini to discuss this new and valuable service.

We'll transform your house plans into a home with personality; yours!